SEC1 MOD3 : Qualities of an Herbalist

MODULE 3: A subjective view of what it takes to be a quality herbalist by a long-time practitioner. No matter what type of herbalist one describes oneself as, all herbalist need to be more than mere botanical pharmacists. The video describes different types of herbalists, including clinical, community, folkloric and wise woman herbalists, and phytotherapists, There is also an emphasis on the importance of nutrition and 'food as medicine', and becoming familiar and comfortable with all aspects of human make-up: physiological, psychological, spiritual, and energetic, as well as our place in the co-creative dance that is life on planet Earth.


TITLE: Plant Knowledge


  • The Importance of Herbalists having a strong Connection to Nature
  • Phytotherapist vs. Herbalist
  • Language of Plants/Direct Communication with Plants
  • Ethical and Intelligent Wildcrafting
  • Wildcrafting Standards

TITLE: Visualization: Butterfly Soup


  • Imaginal Cells and Butterfly soup
  • Chris takes us through a simple visualization/meditation exercise

Title: Tools & Exercises: Intellect + Intuition


  • Both Intellect and Intuition are important tools of an herbalist and should balance each other out.
  • Judgment is too useful and complex a tool to simply discard for sake of political correctness
  • Learning to discern between Judgment and Indictment

Title: Tools & Exercises: Zoom In/Out


  • Navigating the Body-Heart-Mind-Spirit continuum
  • Investigating the mystery of Self
  • Zoom in/Zoom out: A tool for investigating Self and Other
  • Navigating the aspects of Self in order to discover the root of Illness - the source is not necessarily always on the physical level.
  • Learning to read people

Title: TE Integration & Resonance


  • Using the concept of Resonance to establish Rapport and Integration with patients
  • The importance of Empathy and Non-judgment
  • The practitioner’s Personal Experience can inform their ability to Empathize with the person in need
  • Using Addiction to demonstrate the importance of non-judgment - we are all addicts!

Title: An Understanding of Ecology


  • Scientific Herbalists
  • The importance of getting to know plants in their own context
  • Botany/Ecology vs. Simple Chemistry
  • The Language of Plants
  • Herbalists should have a Reverence for Plants
  • Plants provide almost everything we use - food, shelter, clothes, etc.