SEC1 MOD1 : Holism Vs. Allopathy

AUDIO: Introduction to Foundations of Western Herbal Medicine (Part 1): in this audio, teacher Chris Marano introduces the course.

Allopathy vs. Holism: A comparison of two major health paradigms currently existing in our culture, allopathy being ‘conventional modern medicine’ and holism being ‘alternative’, more traditional medicine.

Whats Covered?

Definition and Etymology of Allopathy and Holism

The Bias of Lenses

Strengths and Weaknesses

Competition vs Collaboration

Paradigm of Separation/Paradigm of Connection


Linearity-One Cause/Fractal-Holography-Many Causes and Conditions

Illusion of Truth/History Written by Winners

Platonic Ideals/Relativity

Focus on Disease/Focus on Health

Technology/Human Technology

Louis Pasteur/Antoine Bechamp


Whenever exploring something new, it is best, as much as possible, to have a beginner's mind, so that we can honor it as it is, rather than filtered through what we already know. This begins with language, and with learning new definitions and concepts using a common language. What better place to start than with an in-depth investigation of these two terms/paradigms: 'allopathy' and 'holism'?


This audio explores further nuances between the two health paradigms of 'allopathy' and 'holism'.

TITLE: Who Writes Your Story: a subjective piece speaking to that very question, and in so doing contemplates Truth and truth, absolutes and relativity, encourages the practices of deconstruction, self-examination, and peering all the way down the rabbit hole.

Who Writes Your Story pdf.pdf